SHACMAN has always been committed to the development of new energy vehicles, and has become a new energy vehicle development technology leader in China.



New Energy

The new energy series vehicles use natural gas (CNG, LNG) as fuel. This series includes vehicles models from the F3000, F2000 and M3000 series that use this type of fuel. The power comes from Wei Chai’s Euro III, IV natural gas engines. The chassis is based on mature Steyr and MAN technologies, safe and reliable, with power delivery comparable to that of   a diesel vehicle. This series is capable of going 500-700km before refueling.

New Energy

Advantages: economical, intelligent, efficient, safe, reliable, environmental friendly

Use: Medium and short distance transportation , logistics and distribution, city construction


Engine Cummins Power
Output 340   HP - 420   HP

1669 Nm - 2010 Nm

Transmission FAST
Gear Shift

9-forward and 1-reverse speeds

Standard Equipments  
2 rear window, mechanical clerestory, hydraulic suspension cab, hydraulic chair with seatbelts, one sleeping bed, hydraulic reversal cab, metal bumper, with USB, can play radio with MP3 format
Optional Equipments  
Electric windows, electricity heated rear-view mirror, GPS or CD, Tachograph, 2 point air suspension, A/C, air suspension driver seat with handle and seatbelts,cruise control system, carPhone, electricity reversal cab

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