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Focus on "four innovations" of creation and development

Strive to be the leader of catching up and Surpassing in the new era

  On April 22nd of this year, general secretary Xi Jinping came to Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group Co., Ltd. to investigatand all the cadres and workers were deeply encouraged and excited. While affirming that Shaanxi Automobile has overcome the impact of the epidemic and set a new record in production and marketing, he also put forward the requirements of "creating and developing new models, new formats, new technologies and new products", which has pointed out the direction of development and injected a strong impetus for Shaanxi Automobile to catch upwith, surpass competitions and achieve high-quality development. How to further convey, study, understand and implement the important directive spirit ofgeneral secretary Xi Jinping's important speech and speed up the realization ofthe high quality development of enterprises are the primary political tasks ofthe Party committee at Shaanxi Automobile.

After general secretary Xi Jinping inspected Shaanxi Automobile, the Party committee of Shaanxi Automobile Holding Committee rapidly carried outmulti-level, multi round, full coverage of learning and education, and quickly set off a profound study and understanding of the core essence, spiritual essence and rich connotation of the important instructions of general secretaryXi Jinping's important visit to Shaanxi Province. He thoroughly carried out"keeping in mind the general secretary's entrustment and practicing the"four new "requirements, and striving to become the six aspect pacesetters"Theme practice activities" will implement the important directive spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping's important speech to every workshop,team and Party member. Party organizations at all levels and all Party members should constantly enhance the "Four Consciousness", strengthen the"four self-confidence", resolutely achieve the "two maintenance", earnestly achieve the integration of learning, thinking andapplication, the unity of knowledge, attitude and practice, and constantly castthe political determination of clearly speaking politics and the strategic determination of promoting high-quality development.

General secretary XiJinping stressed that "we must be good at grasping and creating opportunities from the immediate crisis and challenges." Shaanxi Automobile is a large-scale state-owned enterprise with a glorious tradition of 52 years. It is also the only heavy-duty military vehicle production enterprise that has participated in the grand national military parade for six times. Atthe beginning of its establishment, the backbone members of the older generation of Shaanxi Automobile broke through the foreign technical blockade,turned the danger into opportunity, seized the opportunity, and successfully developed the first generation of heavy military off-road vehicles, which eased the tension of "having guns but not vehicles" in China, and laid down the pedigree of Shaanxi Automobile's military industry quality and the gene of self-reliance. In the new era, the party members of Shaanxi Automobile will follow the direction of the general secretary, "cultivate new opportunities in crisis, open a new situation in the changing situation",further carry forward the "Yan'an Spirit" of self-reliance and hard struggle, and the "westward moving spirit" of following the party'swords, confirming their ideals and beliefs, bear in mind the mission ofstate-owned enterprises, always maintain the familial and national feelings ofcreating excellence and serving the country, and earnestly shoulder the historical responsibility of the main force of state-owned enterprises.

  General secretary XiJinping put forward the "five requirements" and "four new"development requirements, which have profound connotation, clear orientation, and very strong ideological nature, pertinence and guidance. The “One belt, oneroad” strategy will firmly grasp the new development concept and the "fournew" development requirements. We must firmly grasp the first priority of development and fully stimulate the first driving force of innovation, andstrive to solve the first issue of reform and actively integrate into the"one belt and one road" strategy to build this big pattern. Within the scope of provincial state-owned enterprises, we will take the lead inimplementing the decisions and arrangements of "six stabilities" and"six guarantees", take the lead in promoting the innovation ofmodels, formats, technologies and products, manufacture the world's best commercial vehicles and build a world-class automobile enterprise group.

Integrated into thestrategy and set the course for high-quality development, the report of the19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that ourcountry’s economy has shifted from a stage of high-speed growth to a stage of high-quality development, and is now in a critical period of transforming development mode, optimizing economic structure, and transforming growth momentum. Building a modern economic system is an urgent requirement andstrategic goal of ourcountry's development. During this visit to Shaanxi Province, President Xi Jinping placed development in a prominent position. Thefirst of the "five requirements" put forward was to make greater strides in promoting high-quality economic development, pointing out therealization of higher quality and efficient is only way to fairer and moresustainable development. Shaanxi Automobile Party Committee firmly grasps the spirit of the important instructions of the XI’s important speech, focuses onthe "four new" development requirements, plans the "14thFive-Year" goal, "2035 strategy" and the road map for enterprise reform and development, and vigorously promotes the manufacturing serviceindustry integrated development, accelerate the application of new-generation information technologies such as 5G, cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence in the enterprise value chain, and clearly make Shaanxi Automobile a pilot project for the innovation and development of China's national automobile industry (commercial vehicles) and become national industrial industry chain safety demonstration project has become an important pillar of national automobile industry.

  Integrate into cultureand shape the soul for high-quality development. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, under the guidance of Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, Shaanxi Automobile hasactively practiced the core socialist values, strengthened its corporate cultural responsibility and cultural confidence, and taken a sonorous step inbuilding a strong cultural enterprise. The president’s important speech and theimportant instruction spirit when inspecting Shaanxi pointed out the direction for the further development of corporate culture, injected strong spiritual power and enriched the spiritual connotation. The Party Committee of Shaanxi Automobile Holdings uses the spirit of the important instructions and speech ofpresident Xi Jinping's into Shaanxi Automobile "De Culture" general program, further improving, upgrading and innovating corporate culture; promote enterprise management with "cultural innovation" , party buildingwork with "cultural integration", unify high-quality development goals with the personal struggle of the majority of cadres and employees with"cultural guidance", and make every effort build a team that caresabout Shaanxi Automobile. Shaanxi Automobile Iron Army, which is innovative andfirmly implementing its strategy.

  Incorporate management to accelerate high-quality development. President Xi Jinping emphasized at the National State-owned Enterprise Party Building Work Conference that “adhering to the party’s leadership over state-owned enterprises is a major political principle and establishing a modern enterprise system is the direction of state-owned enterprise reform and must be consistent.” The Party Committee of Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group follows the "four new" as its fundamental principle, integrates the spirit of the important speech of President Xi into the enterprise's system construction, adheres to the new development concept, insists on innovation-driven and comprehensively promotes technological innovation, product innovation brand innovation and  management innovation, accelerate the actual transformation of scientific and technological achievements, form a development model with innovation as the main guidance and support, so that innovation truly becomes the first driving force of development. At the same time, Shaanxi Automobile actively participates in the construction of the "Belt and Road", promotes the modernization of corporate management capabilities and management levels and develops higher-level international trade. Innovative measures are implemented in the entire process of enterprise development, promoting the improvement of quality and efficiency of the enterprise and achieving high-level development.

  Strive to be leader of party building in state-owned enterprises. Upholding the leadership of the party and strengthening party building are the glorious tradition and unique advantages of state-owned enterprises, it is also the "root" and"soul" of state-owned enterprises. The party committee of Shaanxi Automobile always puts political construction in the first place, highlights political functions, strategic orientation, and main responsibility, andconducts special activities quarterly "party building leading production and operation", party member demonstration posts, and characteristic party branch activity. Continuously consolidate the foundation of party building, inspirethe pioneering role of party members and the role of the party branch as afighting fortress, promote the integration and unity of party building, production and operation; resolutely perform the duties of the head unit of the Baoji HeliGroup to accelerate poverty alleviation through industry and education, expand the scales and level, give priority to the employment of the poor and takevarious measures to resolutely complete the mission of poverty alleviation, andfinally lead the high-quality development of the enterprise with high-quality party building.

  Strive to be the leader of economic development. At present, the basic feature of Chinese economic development is to shift from high-speed growth stage to high-quality development stage.The Party committee of Shaanxi Automobile should focus on stabilizing operation, industrial chain andemployment, guarantee orders, delivery and major projects, drive the resumption of industrial chain with its own resumption of work and production, and givefull play to the role of the new force and main force of state-owned enterprises.

  Strive to be the leader of reform for state-owned enterprise. At present, the stateis making greater efforts to promote the reform of mixing ownership ofstate-owned enterprises,the Party committee of Shaanxi Automobile has grasped the development opportunities, accelerated the development of new models, new formats, newtechnologies and new products, and strengthened cooperation with advantageous capital and industrial partnersto promote the transformation of enterprise shareholding system, mixing ownership reform and equity diversification,speed up the pace of asset securitization, continue to promote the establishment of modern enterprise system and the reform of "threesystems", constantly explore the leading, replicable and promotable reformmodel to promote the upgrading of parts and vehicles, so as to make great development of Shaanxi Automobile.

  Strive to be the leader of independent innovation.The Party committee of Shaanxi Automobile will adhere to the benchmarking of international first-class enterprises, continuously speed up the research and product development of newenergy and clean energy technologies such as pure electric, hybrid power, fuelcell, liquefied natural gas, etc., speed up the tackling of cutting-edge technologies such as intelligent driving, and grasp core technologies in key subdivision fields to create great advantages. Continuously to improve innovation capability and scientific research level to promote product innovation, and continuously optimize product structure to build a product pattern, vehicle generation reserve and pre-researchnew product.Continuously optimize the product structure, and make great preparation for X6000 and long head vehicles to ensure the industry leading vehicle performance indicators such as reliability, fuel consumption and self-weight.

Strive to be the leader of civil-military inosculation.The Party committee of Shaanxi Automobile will not forget the nature of military industry, insist on serving the country with excellence, and focus on the needs of national defenseand military modernization to implement strategic integration, technology integration, manufacturing integration, service integration and capitalintegration, focusing on actual combat and serving actual combat based on the general secretary's requirements of "being able to fight and win battles", Shaanxi Automobile will try to research and development, production and service supportof military vehicles, and provide the best technology, best products, bestquality, highest efficiency and most timely service to the troops, so as tomeet the needs of the army with strong "Shaanxi Automobile Power".

  Strive to be the leader of epidemic prevention and control.The Party committee of Shaanxi Automobile always puts the safety of employees in the first place, highlights the work of epidemic prevention and control, actively prevents the epidemic spread from outside and inside, and continuously consolidates the situation of continuous improvement of the epidemic situation to ensure the happy work of employees. At the same time, Shaanxi Automobile has continuously promoted the twowork of epidemic prevention and company operation, accelerated the achievement of production and operation objectives in the normalization of epidemic prevention, and carried out the "six stability" work and the"six guarantees" task based on the deployment of the Party Central Committee, so as to lay a solid foundation for the victory of poverty alleviation and building a well-off society.

The journey to the future needs the guidance of the lighthouse. With general secretary XiJinping's sincere words and earnest wishes, "four new" development isthe direction of high quality development for Shaanxi Automobile.The Party committee of Shaanxi Automobile will always bear in mind the entrustment of the generalsecretary, and seize development opportunities in accordance with the standards of unchanged goals, tasks and requirements, firmly fulfill the annual production and sales target of 225000 vehicles, strive to achieve an annual growth of about 10%, so as to be the fresh force, main force and leader for development of Shaanxi in the new era.